Been made Redundant?

Been made redundant due to Corona Virus?

Been made redundant due to COVID-19?

The future – moving forward

With so many people facing redundany in the coming weeks / months there has NEVER been a better time to consider starting your own business. You could do it the hard way, start from scratch or you could consider taking on a Franchise, still working for yourself but with the support, training & brand awareness behind you to ensure success. It’s hard enough deciding to run your own business, why not take on a tried & tested successful Franchise? You can even secure funding to help you on your journey.

The Little Tipple Van

The Little Tipple Van are offering anyone who has directly or indirectly a discount if they have been made redundant due to Corona COVID-19. Call us today 02921 690 145 to chat through your options.

02921 690 145