Have you always dreamed of running your own business? Join our family…

We are expanding our profitable business nationwide & are seeking to appoint amassadors to join the Little Tipple family. People who are full of energy, naturally passionate, enjoy selling directly to the public and who love the idea of being their own boss. Our ambassadors will have the scope to be creative, the freedom to grow their own sales and the chance to make the most of our well-known Little Tipple branding.

“Work for yourself, not by yourself”

As an ambassador you’ll be given all the help, support, marketing & training you need to start building your business. You will get your own exclusive territory, each new ambassador is equipped with a Little Tipple Van, which uses as its base a Piaggio Ape your very own branded Tipple Van, a complete ambassador pack including everything to set up your Van and we’ll even help recommended events in your area to get you started.

Weddings, Corporate events, Food Festivals, Family Fun Day’s, Carnivals, Agricultural Shows, Street Food Festivals… Just the tip of the iceberg of the events you can attend with your shiny new Van!

What exactly will you get ?

We take care of everything for you! it is hassle & stress free. Excited yet? you should be, here is a list of everything we take care of to ensure you success.

  • Your very own Little Tipple Van, painted in our colurs & fully equipped. Although you can drive this it will not be taxed, insured or MOT for road use & therefore is not road legal. We highly reccomend that you transport your Little Tipple Van in a long wheelbase van. Of course, you can use the engine outdoors to place your Little Tipple Van for your event or push it should you require the Van inside.
  • Ramps to transport you Little Tipple Van inside a long wheelbase Van. We highly reccomend you install a winch to pull to van inside. The Little Tipple Van can also be towed with any medium sized vehicle, VW Passat, Ford Mondeo etc. We can also supply a custom built trailer for an additional £1500 should you not wish to transport your Little Tipple Van inside a Van. In our experience a long wheelbase van would make life much easier. We would be more than happy to discuss the options with you!
  • Your very own custom website, it will keep the layout, design and colours of this main website for continuity but we will happily add your telephone number, address & names.
  • You own “” email. This can be accessed via Outlook or through webmail, we will send your login details with your welcome pack.
  • 250 custom business cards. custom = with name & number.
  • Your own exclusive territory
  • Sales & Marketing – We have a detailed marketing strategy to launch & sustain your business, a proven plan for you to follow to ensure your sucess. We advertise nationally & all enquiries generated in your territory will be sent to you within 24 hours. We are also here to support your own marketing activities. will draw up a marketing plan for you to follow to ensure your sucess.
  • Branded aprons / Polo shirts.
  • Personal Liabilty Insurance – to take the headache away from setting this up, we will happily introduce you to our insurer. This years cover was around £80.00
  • Help with your Personal Alcohol Licence application (a requirment under under the Licensing Act 2003) your must be over 18 to apply for this.
  • Supply of Prosecco, actually we do not just supply Prosecco we can supply you with everything you need & you can easily login to order on this website, this is unique to our ambassadors & we operate a loyalty cashback scheme. We have sourced a prosecco based on afforbility & taste, it is not the cheapest by far but its unique taste ensures repeat business while maintaining profitability.
  • Business setup – we can help you setup a Limited Company if required, business bank account & VAT registration. we can also introduce you to an accountant if you do not have one.
  • Card Payment gateway, you will need to take card payments which are debited into your business account, you can do this via a smartphone, tablet or a payment machine.
  • Finance : The Little Van Group benefits from its partner’s finance facilities which are FCA registered and will guide and assist you through affordable options.
  • Ambassadors can apply for our cashback loyalty scheme, the more prosecco / alcohol you buy from us, the less you pay in annual management fees & Little Tipple Van rental.

Franchise Costs

Our complete franchise package licence is £8,500, no hidden costs. Your ongoing management fee is only £25.00 per week.

Little Tipple Van Funding Options

Rent to Buy: The Little Van Group has an exclusive rent-to-buy option, from as little as £48.00 per week. Our franchisees (ambassadors) pay a monthly fee with no additional costs for the vehicle, spread over 5 years and you own the vehicle at the end. There are no deposits or financing.

Outright Purchase: Our franchisees (ambassadors) can purchase a Little Tipple Van for the sum of £12,500.

Yearly cost illustrations: in the interest of being 100% transparent here are 2 yearly cost illustrations below based on renting The Little Tipple Van & buying outright a Little Tipple Van

Outright Purchase: Assuming your buy your Little Tipple Van outright your initial costs would be £8500.00 for the franchise licence & £12,500 for the Van total £21,000.00, your only annual fee would be £1300.00 for the management fee. We do not take ANY percentage of your sales! actually we offer a cashback loyalty scheme when you buy your prosecco / alcohol from us!

Rent: If you were to rent your Little Tipple Van from us your annual van rental payment would be £2496.00, your annual management fee is £1300.00, Total per year £3796.00, that is only £316.00 per month! Additionally, in month 1 & 2 you will only pay your management fee – your Little Tipple Van payments will not start until month 3. Month 1 & 2 will be £120 p/m, from month 3 onwards its as shown above. We do not take ANY percentage of your sales! actually we offer a cashback loyalty scheme when you buy your prosecco / alcohol from us!

Steps to becoming an Ambassador

Our Family

You’ll be part of The Tipple Group family and have the support of the entire team (including Anthony & Kerry the founders!) to brainstorm ideas, answer questions and give you support & training on sales & marketing techniques or our additional upsell products. We also hold VIP Tipple events throughout the year for The Little Tipple Van  ambassador family to get together, share our stories and celebrate our love !

Annual Conference & Regional meetings

The Little Van Group (Little Tipple Van) organizes and hosts regular national and regional meetings for ambassadors across the UK. These provide the perfect opportunity to network and swap stories with your fellow ambassadors.

National Marketing Campaigns

Our ambassadors are supplied with a professional Marketing Tool Kit to help engage with their local customer base, all underpinned by national marketing campaigns and activity.

Ongoing Support and Coaching

Our support is designed to suit your needs at different times of your journey, through a system of phone calls, visits, operational updates, and opportunities to meet other ambassadors. You really are in business for yourself, not by yourself! your part of the Tipple family.

Return on Investment

The most important question! what is the return on my investment? the simple answer is the more work you put in, the harder you work, the better the return! its that simple. We would be happy to show you our figures for the last 4 years (an NDA may be required) however, as an example if you do 2 events per month ie; every second weekend you should be looking for sales of 20/25K pa, if you do 2 events per week either one mid week & one at the weekend you should acheive sales of 60-80K pa. depending on the tyype of events.

Once you start the steps to becoming an ambassador, you will be provided with the tools to calculate your own earning potential, but with a typical Gross Profit of between 65–75%, the returns are as exciting as the prosecco.

The model is built around the full calendar working week – Monday to Sunday so be prepared to work some unsociable hours, with main revenue being from weekend activities, week day events will bring in extra income. Whether your personal goals are based around an improved work/life balance or whether they are purely based around increased financial security, the Tipple Van business model could be the perfect fit.

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