Subway is an appealing choice for students

Subway is an appealing choice for students

Subway has opened a new 32-seater store on the Frenchay Campus of the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol (right), offering students, lecturers and visitors its menu of subs, wraps and salads, all freshly prepared and customised to suit the preference of its customers.

The company now has more than 25 stores open in non-traditional locations in universities and colleges across the UK and Ireland. Subway said that UWE had sought a high street brand that would appeal to its students, while keeping them on-site and providing a relaxed atmosphere for them to purchase food that they were accustomed to before joining the university.

Opening the new store has created six jobs for the local community and students, two of which are term-time only, with a range of shifts created to allow students to work alongside their studies.

Subway UK: “We are delighted to see the opening of a Subway store at UWE Bristol. As a company, we’re committed to serving nutritious food options that offer variety and value, which we know are very important factors to students.

“Students, lecturers and visitors to the university will now be able to enjoy our ever-evolving menu, such as our 21 new and improved ingredients, which includes gluten free bread and our new flavour station offering wide-ranging choice and delicious food options throughout the day.”

UWE explained that following feedback from a student survey it realised that improving its food offering to students was key to giving them a great experience on campus.

Kristian Fernandez-Mitchell, business improvement manager at UWE, said: “We wanted to create a destination and high street brands appeared to be key. Ultimately, big brands are what students want and with Subway being in the top three for student choice, it was evident that Subway was a winning choice for students here at UWE.”

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